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Czech Academy of Financial Planning

Master of Financial Planning

The Master of Financial Planning (MFP) is the flagship of the CAFP. It is a challenging, highly practically oriented certification program for professionals from the ranks of financial advisors, insurance agents and bank advisors. In its focus, the program fills the gap between statutory exams and more theoretically oriented continuing education programs.

We expect MFA participants to pass all the legally required examinations in the core sectors (pensions, credit, investments, insurance), so we do not burden candidates with theoretical concepts and definitions. The aim of the programme is the practical ability to draw up a household financial plan that will accompany the client from entry into working life to retirement, including dealing with unexpected situations such as the death of a family member, inheritance or basic tax servicing.

The MFP programme is designed and implemented by professionals - all tailored to their colleagues and partners.

Basic pillars of the MFP module

The certification programme and the MFP preparatory course consist of a total of seven thematic pillars, which are interlinked:

  • Financial planning methodology
  • Assets and liabilities of the household
  • Household income and expenditure
  • Accumulation phase of active life
  • Decumulation phase of retired life
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Ethics and self-regulation
  • The syllabus of the programme can be found in the section documents, where other materials on the MFA programme are also published.

Certification exam and preparatory course

The basis of the MFP program is the certification exam. It consists of a written part and an oral part, consisting of defending a financial solution before an expert committee. The panel is made up of both academic experts and practitioners - real financial advisors. The current dates of the certification exam can be found at here.

The preparatory course is not a compulsory prerequisite for passing the MFP exam, but due to its difficulty we recommend it. It is an educational cycle covering all thematic pillars, usually offered in three teaching days. However, even this course assumes a reasonably advanced level of candidates, as indicated below. For the current dates of the preparatory course for the MFP examination, please refer to here.

Individual cooperating companies can then obtain accreditation for their internal training system as compatible with the MFP preparatory course. If you are interested, please contact us using any of the methods listed in the contact section.

Requirements for applicants
Candidates for the MFP certification exam demonstrate prior completion of statutory accredited examinations in the areas of pension products, home loans, investment products and insurance (life and non-life). They also demonstrate at least one year of prior experience in financial planning or consulting.

Lecturing team
The current composition of the lecturing team can be found here.

MFP price
The price of the examination for one candidate is CZK 5.100 + VAT.
The price for the preparatory course + exam for one participant is 17.000 CZK + VAT.

How can I apply for MFP?

Are you interested in the MFA programme and our offer? No wonder.



Česká akademie finančního plánování je společný projekt České asociace společností finančního poradenství a zprostředkování a Vysoké školy finanční a správní. Jedná se tak o spojení nejvýznamnějšího českého sdružení profesionálů ve finančním plánování.

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The Master of Financial Planning (MFP) is the flagship of the ČAFP offer. This is a challenging, highly practical certification program for professionals from among independent financial advisors, insurance agents and bank advisors.

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Zjednodušený sylabus programu Master of Financial Planning. Detailní sylabus programu Master of Financial Planning. Složení lektorského týmu programu Master of Financial Planning a další.

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