Czech Academy of Financial Planning

Earn prestigious certifications for professional financial advisors.


The Czech Academy of Financial Planning is a joint project of the Czech Association of Financial Consulting and Mediation Companies and the University of Finance and Administration. It is therefore an association of the Czech Association of Professionals in Financial Planning.


The Master of Financial Planning (MFP) is the flagship of the ČAFP offer. This is a challenging, highly practical certification program for professionals from among independent financial advisors, insurance agents and bank advisors.


ČAFP and MFP program documents. Simplified syllabus of the Master of Financial Planning programme. Detailed syllabus of the Master of Financial Planning program. Composition of the teaching team of the Master of Financial Planning program and others.

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Czech Academy of Financial Planning

Aktualita 09.08.2023

The budget is currently plunging into deep negative numbers

Do you want to know what is currently driving the economy? Member of the management committee and lecturer of the MFP program Petr Budinský Vás within a few minutes
Aktualita 9.5.2023

Pay off the loan early or create a reserve?

Prague, May 9, 2023 - Many households took out a mortgage or consumer loan at a time when interest rates hovered around
Quo vadis, česká koruno?

Quo vadis, Czech crown?

Not only is the koruna not weakening, as many analysts predicted, but it is the strongest against the euro in the last 15 years. The development of our national
Aktualita 08.02.2023

Rate stagnation continues. When will mortgages become cheaper again?

Monthly mortgage payment for CZK 3.5 million negotiated up to 80% of the property price, maturity 25 years and average offer rate
Ilustrační obrázek

Is the Leipzig Stock Exchange to blame for high electricity prices?

What caused the high price of electricity? You will get the answers to the question by reading an article from a member of the steering committee and at the same time a lecturer of the program
Investovat do státních dluhopisů? Ano nebo ne?

Invest in government bonds? Yes or no?

Member of the ČAFP management committee and MFP program lecturer Petr Budinský shares his opinion regarding investing in government bonds. Article created